Breast surgery in Prague

Breast surgery PragueYou can choose from various types of Breast Surgeries described below.
Breast augmentation
is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that we offer here in our clinic. Our procedures can have a huge positive effect on a woman’s life, including in the following major areas of balancing the breast shape and size, improving self-confidence, restoring breast shape and fullness along with generally enhancing the overall body appearance.


In the following page, you can read about the different experiences of our clients who visited your breast surgery Prague clinic.

All-Inclusive Service at a Low Cost

You can save over 60% of the total breast surgery expenses in the UK when you choose our high quality, but cost-effective services. You will still be able to achieve top quality results as you would in the UK, if not much better. Here is a brief breakdown of the procedure:

  • We will immediately assign you your own personal assistant to guide you every step along the way.
  • We have highly experienced and professional English-speaking personnel who are focused on helping you achieve your cosmetic and health needs.
  • Our internationally recognised surgeons can handle all your breast augmentation needs.
  • We offer free airport transfers to our clients along with free transport to the clinic for a check-up during your stay in Prague.

Our breast surgery Prague clinic offers a wide range of breast surgeries, including:

  • Breast augmentation (round implants)
  • Breast augmentation (teardrop shape)
  • Breast augmentation with lifting
  • Breast lift (with or without implants)
  • Breast augmentation with nipples correction  (incl. round implants)
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reduction with lifting

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General Information about Breast Surgery

  • We only use the best top quality breast implants for all our procedures, including Mentor, Polytech and Eurosilicone.
  • It is recommended to spend at least four to seven nights in Prague after undergoing any type of breast surgery.
  • The stitches we use during the procedure are absorbable and pulling them out is not necessary. They usually fall out by themselves in approximately one month.
  • It is advisable to take some time offer and avoid heavy lifting for up to 8 weeks after the surgery.
  • It is also worth to note that you can be ready for breast surgery after waiting for 6 months after finishing breastfeeding.

Below are some of the experiences and stories of our clients who have used our breast surgery procedures. By reading their story, you may get a better understanding of what you should expect from our top quality service. If you have any further questions on any procedure or you just want a quick consultation, you can contact us here. We will respond to you shortly.

Breast Reduction

Jana Breast SurgeryFor many people, Jana was the perfect female prototype with a small frame and large, round breasts. Many men were quite drawn to her, and she was also envied by many women. Any time she added weight, it appeared to go directly to her breasts and weight loss did not affect her breasts. Before she becomes pregnant, she had a 70C breast size. However, two births later on her breasts were now bigger at 75F. The result was a sore neck and back along with headaches. She was also noticeably slouching as well as struggling to get a fitting bra. The summers were the worst times as sweat would usually gather below her breasts and cause sores.


As an orchestra singer, Jana required wearing dinner dresses, which had tiny straps or just strapless. She could not play with her kids or dance or sports and was forced to restructure her wardrobe. She started longing for smaller breasts to avoid all these problems.

According to Dr. Josef Kulhanek, “Jana had very large and drooping breasts that bothered her both practically and aesthetically. We had to perform a breast surgery Prague to correct the problem. The procedure is known as reduction with lifting, and it involves removing the excess glands and skin from the lower section of the breasts. The breasts are then shaped nicely and firmed up awards. We even reduced here big areola. To reduce swelling and promote healing, we used a tissue adhesive and the whole operation was finished in less than 3 hours with no complications.”

The pre-op and post-op pictures of Jana show that her scars are fully healed and will definitely fade with time.

Breast reduction afterBreast reduction afterBreast reduction consultation


If you face a similar problem as Jana, do not hesitate to contact us. Our breast surgery Prague clinic can provide you high quality results.

Breast Enlargement Using Implants

For Katka, her problem was having a very small cleavage. Even though her breasts grew slightly after her two pregnancies, they lost their fullness and shape after breastfeeding. Breast surgery Czech Republic was the only solution to restore Katka’s confidence.

Since Katka and her husband were not planning to have any other children, she opted to have her problem of small breasts solved once and for all. She signed up for breast surgery Prague, which involved breast enlargement using implants. “I was very happy to have the full support of my husband as he knows that my small cleavage had been bothering me for a very long time since my youth.” Katka reveals.

She immediately schedules a consultation and then a pre-op evaluation before finally going into the operating room to finally get rid of an inferiority complex that had been troubling here from a very early age.

This is what the physician who handled Katka’s case Dr. Peter Ondrejka had this to say. “Katerina sought our help when she was in search for a more visible cleavage with fuller breasts, while also light enough to enable her to continue dancing. Because of her sporty disposition, height, and broad chest, I chose the 360ml Polytech round implants that inserted into the big breast muscle in an operation that only lasted one hour. She was able to heal very well, and the slight scarring is not easily noticeable as it follows the body’s natural grease below the breast. Katerina was very impressed by the optimal, discreet and natural looking appearance.”

Regaining my confidence back

Here is how Katka responded to the whole experience. “Everyone here at breast surgery Prague clinic was very helpful and offered me a lot of psychological support throughout the whole process. After the operation had been completed, I was always waiting to experience the pain I had read about on a couple of discussion forums to arrive. However, I remained pain-free, and within a week of getting some rest, I was back to my normal activities,” Kata reveals always smiling through the interview.

Even though she waited longer to resume her much-loved dancing, she says that she now finds it more enjoyable. The breast surgery Czech Republic operation had a major impact on Katerina’s life, particularly psychologically. “Finally, I am more confident, and I feel feminine and sexy! I would definitely recommend the procedure to any woman who has a similar problem. It is your life, and you must ensure that you live it the way you want and make all the changes you need,” she added.

Breast augmentation consultationBreast augmentation

Breast augmentation Breast augmentation

If you want to know more about breast augmentation services provided by our clinic, read here for more information.

Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Dana Breast Plastic SurgeryIt is very common for women to have asymmetrical breasts. When this asymmetry is easily noticeable, especially through clothes or swimwear, then it becomes a problem. You can either choose to use padding or opt for a more effective, permanent option – breast surgery Prague. Plastic surgery can help you achieve proper asymmetry in both size and shape through reducing, enlarging or lifting the breasts.


Dana was quite unhappy with her asymmetrical breasts. Luckily, Dr. Michal PulsCSc offered a simple remedy and evened them out using breast implants of varying sizes. He inserted a combination of 350ml and 325ml Eurosilicone in each breast to attain perfect symmetry. Dana was very pleased with the results. She now has slightly bigger breasts of equal size.

Breast augmentation Breast augmentation Breast augmentation  

If you feel the same way as Dana did, contact us and let us help you.

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Clients

Does the scarring after breast surgery remain visible or will it slowly fade with time?

Generally, all recent scars after breast surgery are visible. However, these scars will slowly fade with time, and you will soon be unable to see them at first sight, especially after a period of two years. Individual healing ability and proper care also affect how quickly the scars heal. We recommend treating the scars using silicone gel, laser treatment or silicone tape, but after at least two weeks after the surgery.


If I have small breasts and use round implants for breast augmentation, will the implants be visible from the sides?

This is a common concern of many clients with small breasts. Our highly skilled surgeons usually place the implants below the muscle, which means that its silhouette will not be visible from the side.


Breastfeeding has made my breasts saggy and empty, can I have a quick breast surgery before I have my next baby?

If you are planning on having another child in the near future, it is recommended to wait and get the surgery afterwards. Obviously pregnancy and breastfeeding have major effects on your breasts. You will need to undergo a breast augmentation once you have stopped breastfeeding to lift the sagging breasts and restore the volume and shape to your breasts.


What is the waiting time for breast augmentation surgery?

You can book your breast surgery within six to eight weeks after the first consultation with the surgeon. Once you book, you can have your surgery in the earliest possible time based on the availability of our top surgeons. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.