Liposuction of Mons Pubis

How is it performed?

mons pubis liposuctionAn undesired layer of fat need not be bothering for you only in the typical trouble-making parts of your body, such as the belly, tights or hips. Fat may also accumulates in your sensitive area – on the so-called “Mons pubis” or “Veneris mons”. Moreover, you are not able to get rid of the fat tissue in this pubic area via exercises or strict diets. It is just liposuction that brings the opportunity of how to gain self-confidence and improve quality of the intimate life.

Undesirable fat in this area is caused by genes and/or abdominal surgeries

The Veneris mons finds itself above the imaginary boundary of the outer female genitals and it often reaches the lower abdomen. Surprisingly, fat may also amass there. And it may really look unaesthetically. And why fat settles just in the area of the Veneris mons? There are several reasons for that – genetics, caesarean section, or a consequence of an abdominal surgery. For example, it happens after an abdominal wall plasty.

The effective surgery is followed by non-demanding convalescence

Fortunately, liposuction of the Veneris mons can deal with excessive fat. And can do it quickly, considerately, discreetly and even once for all. Thanks to the surgery, fat should never come back to this area. Moreover, the whole surgery is performed in local anaesthesia, and immediately after it you will be discharged home. And as it is a small area with a small amount of fat, the healing time will not be long or otherwise demanding. The effect of the surgery is prominent; the clients generally relish the surgery result.

When discussing the surgery you will agree on the liposuction method

Before the surgery, in addition to the pre-surgery examination, you will have a consultation directly with the doctor. In this professional, yet absolutely non-binding consultation about the surgery, you will learn what type of liposuction would be the most suitable for you.