Labiaplasty is a surgery of female genitals

labiaplasty - flowerThrough labiaplasty we refit the labia minora (inner labia), which are enlarged in many women and may cause problems or discomfort during intercourse, hygiene, wearing of tight clothes or sports. Not only can we change the size but also the shape and symmetry of the inner labia. However, functions of the operated area will remain unimpaired.



We perform the procedure within the timeframe shortly after women’s menstruation. It is performed in general anaesthesia, therefore the client stays in the clinic one day after the surgery. We also recommend resting regime for at least one week.

What are the inclusion criteria to undergo the labioplasty:

  • You are 18 years old or older.
  • You are healthy and without any gynaecological troubles.
  • You are not breastfeeding, pregnant and you have not given birth to a baby within the last 6 months


Q: Do you perfom labiaplasty also under local anesthesia?

A: Labiaplasty is usually perfomed under general anesthesia. This surgery can be also done under local anesthesia but only after a consultation with your doctor – depending on the extent of the treatment. But it would be better for you to take this kind of surgery under general anesthesia. Even the initial numbness of the area is unpleasant and can be a bit painful in local anesthesia.

Q: Can you also arrange an appointment for clitoral reduction?

A: We do not proceed this type of surgery at the Medicom Clinic. In this case we recommend an urological clinic if necessary.

Q: Do you also perform vaginoplasty?

A: No, we only proceed labiaplasty at our clinic.