Vagina Laser Rejuvenation

FEMLASE Rejuvenation using a Fraction CO2 Laser with a Unique Head for Vaginal Operations

vagina rejuvenation with laserHow it is performed?

Naturally, with ageing and especially after natural childbirth or after menopause, the most intimate part of the female body goes through lots of changes. The vaginal environment loses its elasticity, vaginal pH changes and thus lots of women suffer from pruritus or irritation sensation in this area. Pain and bleeding during intercourse is frequent and so is insufficient moisture in the vagina – the factors which make sexual experiences unpleasant to women and their partners. Last but not least, the so-called stress incontinence shakes voman’s self-confidence.  The FemLase procedure is a solution to all the above mentioned troubles.

Laser treats every centimetre of the most intimate female area

FemLase is an outpatient method for which no anaesthesia is needed. The treatment is performed using a fraction ablation CO2 laser SmaXel which is equipped with a special LVR head for vaginal operations. The device has obtained the strictest FDA certification which evidences its maximum safety. During the operation, an urologist inserts a unique head with laser to the vagina. He or she rotates the head inside the vagina centimetre by centimetre and using laser gradually treats the vaginal environment from the deepest point outwards from the vagina – from the uterine cervix to the vaginal opening. The operation is painless and lasts for mere 15-20 minutes.

However, we recommend women to undergo a preventive cytological examination in a gynaecological surgery before the procedure. The reason is that the FemLase procedure should not be undergone by women with a gynaecological-oncologic disease.

Which major problems FemLase resolves:

  • Loss of vagina elasticity and tonus
  • Stress incontinence (mild to moderate leakage of urine during laugher, coughing, sneezing, sports, etc.)
  • Vaginal dryness, reduced excretion of vaginal secret and vaginal irritation
  • Reduced lubrication during sexual intercourse and related pain while having sex
  • Itching and burning sensation in vagina
  • Recurring inflammations of vagina and urinary tract
  • Treatment of uterine sagging after childbirth

It is enough to undergo the procedure once only, but it can be repeated if necessary

There are no proven side effects after the FemLase treatment, and there is almost zero convalescence needed immediately after the procedure. However, first 4 days after the laser treatment slight bleeding may occur, therefore it is recommended that woman do not go to sauna, swimming pool or do not have sexual intercourse to prevent infection. An undoubted advantage of FemLase is also the fact that it is sufficient to undergo the treatment once only. However, we offer our clients two laser treatments for the price of one to provide the maximum effectiveness and longer satisfaction about the result. An interval of 4-6 weeks between the treatments has to be kept.

The treatment effect is long-lasting; it lasts for about 2 years. Rejuvenation of vaginal environment and relief from all the above-mentioned troubles can be expected after about 6 weeks from the procedure.


Q: For whom is Fem Lase treatment not recommended?

A: The contraindication of the procedure is pregnancy (breastfeeding does not matter) and ongoing menstruation. At the pre-treatment consultation, the client must also bring negative results of the gynecological cytology test. The results may not be older than half a year.

Q: What does a woman feel during Fem Lase procedure?

A: During the procedure you feel a slight turning of the head of the device, but the treatment does not hurt at all. Feelings of the treatment can be compared, for example, to a vaginal ultrasound examination.

Q: Are there any restrictions which have to be followed after Fem Lase treatment?

A: During the first 4 days after this laser treatment we do not recommend going to a sauna, a swimming pool and have any sexual intercourse. For faster healing, women may also be advised to use hyaluronic acid vaginal suppositories. There are no other restrictions after the procedure.