Desirial – Labia Majora Rejuvenation

How it is performed?

Rejuvenate Labia MajoraUsing the Desirial filler we will effectively rejuvenate you most intimate parts. The filler on hyaluronic acid base is intrinsic to the body, therefore it provides trouble free enlargement of the volume of major (outer) labia and hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area.

After the treatment, you will experience improvement of sexual experiences. Application of the Desirial filler improves the mucosa condition and acts as prevention of infection.

Painless outpatient treatment which lasts for 30 minutes only

Before the treatment, a dermatologist disinfects your private parts and then applies an anaesthetic using a thin little needle. Then she applies the Desirial filler with hyaluronic acid directly to the outer labia using a little cannula. Thanks to the anaesthetic, the treatment is painless; moreover it is performed as an outpatient treatment and it lasts for 20-30 minutes only.

Prevention of infection to the intimate parts

The Desirial filler is the first resorbable gel which has been developed directly for the female intimate health. The filler is on hyaluronic acid base – this is a substance intrinsic to the body, responsible for hydration and regeneration. Thus we apply a substance to which the body reacts very favourably.

Enlargement of the labia majora with the Desirial filler is suitable for women who long for rejuvenation of their intimate parts, but it also has another positive effect: it acts as an effective prevention of infection into the intimate area.

Desirial is the first filler of its king in Europe, which has an authorization as a medical device and has received the CE marking. It means that it meets all requirements and standards of safety and health protection.