Intimate Surgery

intimate surgeryBecome More Attractive and Confident:

Intimate surgery, is the esthetic surgery of genitals.  Lately it’s becoming more and more popular despite the fact it’s still taboo for large section of population. It’s absolutely normal that everyone wants to feel attractive and sexy. This surgery can help you increase your self-esteem and quality of intimate life thanks to the improved intimate visage.

Labioplasty, hymenoplasty and circumcision are performed under general anesthesia and require 1 night of hospitalization at the clinic. The advantage of these procedures is a short recovery – it is possible to leave Prague already 3 days after the procedure. In contrast, treatments such as Femlase or Desirial Filler are perfomed under local anesthesia, so there is neither need for hospitalization at the clinic nor general anesthesia.

Waiting time for intimate procedures is approximately 4-6 weeks. It is also very important, that women who want to undergo any type of intimate treatment would not have menstruation during planned surgery.

Our clients sometimes ask about surgeries connected to penis enlargement/prolongation. However, we do not proceed such surgeries at our clinic. The reason is a very high risk of possible complications after surgery and a very questionable outcome in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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