Arm lift – Brachioplasty

By a natural process, skin elasticity decreases and skin gets loose in the arms. At the same time, many women suffer from excessive fat deposits in these areas. This situation may be solved with a plastic surgery procedure – arm lift.

During arm lift surgery the excessive layer of fat in these areas is removed with subsequent reduction of the excess skin. The plastic surgeon always makes the incision so that the resulting scars were the least visible. The resulting effect is permanent. However, it is not possible to prevent continuing storage of fat deposits in case of an unhealthy lifestyle or regimen.

Examples of arm lift



How is arm lift performed?

Plastic surgery of the arms is performed under general anaesthesia and its important prerequisite is a good health condition that corresponds to the extensiveness of this procedure. Patient stays hospitalized in bed for 1 – 2 nights after surgery, depending on the extent of the procedure and postoperative course. After stabilization of her overall and local condition, the patient is discharged.

Until the stitches are removed in the 3rd postoperative week, resting regimen (without physical strain) is recommended. Recovery is individual and depends not only on the given ability of each individual to heal, but also reflects patient’s conscientiousness. Full load after arm lift surgery is possible after 1 month.

What is necessary to concern before arm lift?

If surgery is regardful enough, skin mostly heals to its base without obvious unevenness. However, if the skin has lost its elasticity and is markedly slack, which is often speeded up by pressure of expanding fat tissue, liposuction of arms is not suitable. Skin does not have its original ability to react flexibly to artificially reduced volume of adipose (fat) tissue deposited under it and healing may be accompanied by formation of visible unevenness, pits and folds.

If this is the case, removal of not only the excessive volume of adipose tissue but the corresponding skin excess is recommended via plastic surgery of limbs.