Photostory of Mrs. Lada, Vaser liposuction

Photostory of Mrs. Lada, Vaser liposuction

VASER Liposuction

Lada had a problem with unevenly stored fat in the abdominal area, hips and outer thighs.  To remove the excess fat, liposuction presented the ideal solution. She works as a physiotherapist which frequently involves exercising with her patients. She didn’t feel good about herself in front of them. She was always into sport and had a great figure but for health reasons unfortunately had to stop actively doing sport a few years ago, and so the pounds starting piling on. She wanted to look and feel good like she did before. She considered VASER Lipo®liposuction.

Lada underwent VASER ultra-sound liposuction which is an incredibly effective as well as gentle liposuction method. We performed the procedure under general anaesthetic since we were draining from three areas – the stomach, the hips and the outer thighs. Liposuction VASER Lipo is unique in that to begin with an ultrasonic cannula is passed through all the areas. As a result of the ultrasound the fat cells gradually dissolve, don’t disturb the surrounding tissue and only suck out pure fat. This ensures a more gentle approach, leading to far more speedy healing and convalescence,” MUDr. Michal Puls, CSc. reveals. “We removed around 2.5 l of fat from Lada and were able to observe a difference just 8 weeks later,” he adds.

And how did Lada feel after the procedure?

“The first week was a bit tough, the areas drained were sensitive and painful but I was prepared for that and it was a proportionate reaction. I’m really delighted with the result, my friends are jealous and want to try it too. Finally I can go down a size when I buy jeans because my waist is narrower and my stomach far smaller. I’m really happy, it was well worth it and I recommend the procedure to everyone suffering from the same problem as me!”

Mrs. Lada before a Vaser liposuction Mrs. Lada before a Vaser liposuctionMrs. Lada before a Vaser liposuctionMrs. Lada before a Vaser liposuctionMrs. Lada after a Vaser liposuction

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