Outer thigh liposuction

Outer thigh liposuctionBy the outer thigh area we mean the area at the height of the greater trochanter of the thigh bone, which represents a typical area of fat pad deposition in women. We see a great number of women with narrow shoulders, small breasts, slim waist and abdomen and an excessive fat deposit in the area of lower extremities, especially outer thighs.

Some individuals also complain of increased fat deposit in the sacral area (just above the groove between the buttocks), which may be removed, together with the lateral thighs, by tumescent liposuction.

Examples of outer thigh liposuction





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Is outer thigh liposuction appropriate for me?

The aim of the outer thigh liposuction is to achieve as smooth and natural effect as possible when removing the excessive fat pads, i.e. not to remove the maximum possible amount of fat tissue, which might result in irregularities in the area. Instead, contouring and shaping is desired. During thigh liposuction, only about 40% of the outer thigh fat tissue is often removed.

How is outer thigh liposuction performed?

Again, just as in hip liposuction, the local anaesthesia with the possibility of positioning the client during the procedure presents an advantage.

The use of microcannulas, usually in combination with vibration microcannulas, ensures optimum cosmetic effects of outer thigh liposuction.

Clients who specifically wish to remove, by liposuction, the greatest possible amount of fat not only from the area of outer thighs, but also from the buttocks, must usually undergo in the second phase also inner thigh liposuction and knee liposuction and, after that, not rarely, also hip liposuction, so as to achieve the desired aesthetic result with no visible asymmetry.

Treatment after liposuction of the thigh

Postoperative pain is mild to moderate and easy to control with analgesics in tablets, which every client receives from the clinic in the first phase of treatment. Healing and oedemas are similar to those in other regions and require wearing of the compression underwear for 4-8 weeks.