Knee Fat Liposuction

Knee liposuction is most often performed simultaneously with inner thigh liposuction. More rarely, on client’s request, it is performed separately. Knee liposuction regards the inner side of the knees where the maximum of the fat tissue of the whole knee area is accumulated.


Besides the knee liposuction as such, we perform also other types of leg liposuctions – liposuction of inner thighs, outer thighs liposuction, shin, and calf.  For the knee liposuction surgery, only one skin wound is sufficient.

Inner thighs liposuction and the area of inner knees liposuction are usually during one session, so that the aesthetic result was as good as possible with maximally smooth and symmetric outcome.

What to expect after knee liposuction?

Postoperative healing period after knee liposuction is accompanied with oedemas, which persist longer than those in other areas. The reason is the movement of the knees, which bend with every step and immobilization is impossible. We recommend to our clients to elevate the legs for 1 – 2 days after the knee liposuction.