Double chin liposuction

Double chin liposuctionLiposuction of double chin is a suitable addition to facial plastic surgery procedures. Double chin liposuction can improve the chin shape and give the whole face a younger appearance.

How is double chin and face liposuction performed?

The double chin and face areas may be corrected by tumescent liposuction in one phase. There is no need to worry that breathing could be impacted during the procedure, as the muscle at the bottom layer of “double chin” and in the neck is very strong and resistant and the trachea is not oppressed by the tumescent oedema, either.

During face and double chin liposuction, the removal is performed through openings just below the earlobes and chin. Problematic results may ensue only in those cases, where the skin is already too loose due to the weight of the fat tissue and its healing by adhesion to the underlying tissue is more complicated because of its great excess. In this case, the healing process may leave certain little transverse folds or even skin flaps. However, if skin elasticity and tonicity are normal, the results of double chin and face liposuction are very good.

Double chin liposuction is often combined with neck and chin surgery procedures for even more rejuvenating effect.

After double chin liposuction

As regards this area, a compression fixed to the nape and top of the head is used in after the surgery for the period of at least 3 weeks. The pain after liposuction of double chin or face may be more pronounced compared to liposuction of other areas, in spite of the relatively small liposuction-treated area, due to higher density of sensitive nerve fibres. After tumescent liposuction of the face, postoperative swelling may persist even for several weeks.