Calf and Shin liposuction

Calf and shin liposuctionLiposuction of calves and shins is the least frequently performed procedure. On the backside of the leg, the area starting from both ankles up to the lower part of the calf muscles is involved. On the front side the fat accumulates on the lateral muscle group starting from the margin of the tibia.

Why is this type of liposuction appropriate?

In this area, body fluids are often accumulated, oedemas are formed; sometimes it is affected with varicose veins. As a rule, the liposuction is performed along the longitudinal axis of the leg and never around its circumference in order not to disrupt blood or lymph drainage.

After calf and shin liposuction

The oedemas persist for a longer period, as in knee liposuction, and it is appropriate to increase the time of wearing compression garments. During the postoperative period after calf and shin liposuction, some clients may perceive increased tenderness in the area.