Buttock liposuction

Buttocks liposuctionButtocks liposuction is one of the most required procedures. It would be a mistake to assume, however, that the buttocks can be treated all evenly. Buttocks liposuction is performed from the sides to the midline, or coccyx. Some clients also wish to remove the excess fat in the area just below the infragluteal crease (the under-buttock crease between the buttocks and the back of the thigh), so-called banana rolls.

What to consider before buttocks liposuction?

The under-buttock crease area may be treated with liposuction, however, it must be expected the procedure may cause deepening of the under-buttock crease and, in case of excessive removal of the fat deposits in this area, the gluteus maximus muscle may lose support and the buttocks may droop and sag over the upper thigh on the back.

In this area, tumescent liposuction is certainly the most appropriate choice with regard to available options and use of microcannulas. Therefore, also the aesthetic result of buttocks liposuction is more acceptable to the client than that achieved with other types of liposuction. Often it it appropriate to combine buttocks liposuction with liposuction of outer thighs or hips.

After liposuction of the buttocks

Healing time of buttocks liposuction does not differ from liposuction of other areas. It is necessary to anticipate increased tenderness when sitting down, especially during the first days after the procedure.