Arm Fat Liposuction

Most clients do not wish to have voluminous and muscular arms, but fine, thin ones. The aim of arm liposuction is the best possible cosmetic effect, so that the woman could wear tank top or strapless dresses and t-shirts and improve arm disproportion. Liposuction of the arms may help to form the arm into the best possible shape; however, it does not influence the fat pads above the biceps or the arm musculature.

Tumescent liposuction of the arms

Tumescent liposuction yields excellent results when using microcannulas, especially in the back of the arms, above the triceps. Microcannulas of 3 mm in diameter at maximum are capable of treating this area to achieve optimum skin reattachment and shape of the area.

Tumescent liposuction of the arms may also successfully correct the disproportion of the arm due to the fat pad.

Where else can arm liposuction help?

Other fat deposits negatively impacting the aesthetic appearance of the arm are those in the front and back upper chest area close to the arm – the front and back of the armpit. This excessive fat may also removed together with arm liposuction using tumescent liposuction cannulas.

After arm liposuction

It is necessary to realize that clients with low skin elasticity should anticipate slight wrinkling of the treated area and sometimes arm lift is needed, too.

Postoperative pain after arm liposuction is minimal, as in other areas, and responds well to analgesics in tablets.