Lip augmentation surgery – Permalip

lip enlargementCurrent fashion dictates full lips: the size, width and fullness of the lips substantially affect the attractiveness of the face of a woman. Common problem mostly in women of younger age is a disproportionate size of the upper and lower lip, which has been inherited.

In women after 40, ageing manifests as a gradual atrophy of the lips due to a decrease in the natural elasticity of the skin. Lips sag, get smaller and the expression of the face changes. The solution is lip augmentation with implants.

Methods of lip enhancement

In our clinic, lip enhancement is performed either by injecting artificial material in the lips (hyaluronic acid) or with silicone implant Permalip. Contrary to the injection application of hyaluronic acid, which has a temporary effect lasting for about 6 months, the effect of the surgery is permanent.

PermaLip lip implants

Fuller lips or a change in the shape of the lips can now be achieved by inserting the silicone implant PermaLip. Basically, the method is the same as the procedure generally used for breast augmentation. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The plastic surgeon first makes a small incision in each corner of the lips. Then they insert a silicone implant into the lip, using a special “tunnelling” tool. The implant used for the surgery has been specially designed for lip volume enhancement.

Advantages of silicone implants

This new method has three fundamental advantages in comparison with the methods of lip enhancement used so far:

1. The implant does not change its shape – it has been “optimally” shaped to meet the needs of your lip and its shape will not change after insertion. Contrary to this, the material of injectable implants can be distributed unevenly in the lips. This method of using silicone implants does not pose such risk.

2. Durability – Silicone implants have significantly higher durability than the injection method – its implantation is permanent.

3. Reversibility – in case the patient is not satisfied, for any reason, with the silicone implant, it can be removed at any time.

What to do after lip plastic surgery?

Lip augmentation requires overnight hospitalization. The patient is recommended to apply iced pads and rinse the mouth several times a day with a mouthwash or cold chamomile infusion for about 3 days.

Slight postoperative swelling persists for several days. Approximately 1 week after the surgery, it is recommended that the patient eat soft, preferably liquid food. Consumption of mushy food is also advised up until the end of the 2nd week after the surgery.

Sutures on the lips are invisible as soon as 2 weeks after the surgery because the incisions were made in the natural lines in the red area. The patient may fully return to their activities 3 weeks after the surgery.