Eyebrow surgery

Eyebrow surgeryMany people give others an impression that they are sad and worried, even if they are actually joyful and happy. The area of the forehead is closely related to the eyebrows and completes the overall appearance of the face. By means of a surgical procedure the eyebrows may be easily lifted and the tired face lighted up and rejuvenated. This procedure is called brow-lifting and plastic surgeons use as many as several different methods.

How is eyebrow surgery performed?

It depends if the patient wishes to have his eyebrows only lifted or to modify its shape at the same time or correct eventual asymmetry. Surgical techniques may be combined, wrinkles on the forehead or on the bridge of the nose may be removed simultaneously or drooping eyelids may be operated by eyelid surgery.

The basic operation, during which eyebrows are lifted, is performed under local anaesthesia by a simple excision of excess skin right above the eyebrows. After the surgeon has sutured the wound, the eyebrows are automatically pulled upwards and the formed scar remains hidden in the eyebrow line.

Combined eyebrow lift

In a more complicated procedure, the surgeon approaches the eyebrow through the scalp by passing under the skin of the forehead and pulls the eyebrows up using special materials. In case the patient also decides to have their forehead wrinkles removed by forehead lift, the surgeon uses the method allowing them to work with the entire forehead skin.

During this procedure it is necessary to perform several incisions of different sizes in the scalp, by means of which the soft tissues of the forehead are modified and the eyebrows corrected. Plastic-aesthetic procedures on the eyebrows may be performed with only local anaesthesia, however, a so-called analgesic sedation, when patient comfortably sleeps through the whole surgery, may also be opted for.

What comes after the eyebrow lift surgery?

After the surgery, the area of the forehead or eyebrows is not very sore; however, in the majority of cases, small bruises and swelling may form. These may spread also to the eyelids and cheeks. They completely disappear within about two weeks with no other ensuing complications. Surgery may be performed separately or in combination with facelift.