Facial surgery

face surgery in pragueFace is the first thing that attracts our attention when we meet someone. Sometimes it is cheerful and happy, at other times grim and worried. Face and smile therefore play an important role in our daily lives. To be constantly attractive and successful, we are looking for ways to delay ageing. And where regular care is not enough, we can be helped by an experienced plastic surgeon by means of total or partial facial reconstruction.

How can facial surgery help you?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of corrective procedures aimed at eliminating redundant, wrinkled skin and subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck, such as facelift or neck and chin surgery. Cosmetic surgery also corrects congenital anomalies, both for functional and aesthetic reasons (ear surgery, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation).

Severe congenital abnormalities are corrected in early life, from pre-school age. Aesthetic anomalies are then usually corrected when the person concerned begins to have concerns.

Fight against aging with facial surgery

Corrections of the signs of ageing, such as facelifting, eyelid surgery or neck surgery, are carried out in the form of cosmetic surgery of the face and neck usually after the person concerned reaches 40 and skin structures start losing their elasticity. This is manifested by the formation of permanent wrinkles, or deepening and highlighting of the nasolabial fold, face drop, neck skin loosening and other symptoms. Such changes are found in both men and women. Women, however, perceive them more sensitively and seek cosmetic and aesthetic surgery far more often.

Facial surgery cannot stop the natural ageing process, but may limit and delay it by many years. Most aesthetic procedures can be repeated with sufficient time between individual procedures, if needed.