Breast uplift

In young women, the nipple-areola complex is placed above the under-breast crease but with advancing age it drops to and below its level – breast ptosis. Breast lift can solve this problem and get your breast back its youthful appearance. Breast uplift is usually not performed before the 18th year of age, the only exception is a serious health complication.

How is breast lifting performed?

Before performing a breast lift surgery, the physician determines, after consultation, the height of placement of the areolas, so that the breasts would be placed in appropriate height with regard to patient’s build, chest shape, and also with regard to breast size. The areolas must be properly placed on the breast.

During the breast lift surgery the areolas are shifted up, together with the gland. Successively, the gland is fixed to muscles at a proper height to prevent its preliminary and excessive descending during the postoperative period and related breast sagging. Non-absorbable but also absorbable material is used. Subsequently, skin suture is performed, and so-called suction drains are introduced. The wounds are covered with gauze and the breasts are bandaged with elastic bandage.

Breast lifting and augmentation

Breast uplift and enhancement is an alternative procedure to breast lifting. It is recommended in case that the breast is sagging and also small. The patient consults the size and shape of her implants with the surgeon and the process is similar to normal breast augmentation. During a consultation, an experienced surgeon decides if breast augmentation and uplift is appropriate for the patient.