Breast implants in Prague

Breast implantsOur cosmetic surgery clinic takes advantage of the most advanced and professional brands for breast implants such as Mentor, Polytech, and Eurosillicone. These implants are used to augment the breast and achieve perfect shape and size. The size of the breast is given by the fat tissue in accordance with your own mammary gland. However, when the women lack those, implants with silicone gel or saline are used.

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How to Choose the Best Breast Implants Abroad?

The first thing that you would need to do is to send us your photos so our surgeon can go through the initial assessment and make sure that you are actually eligible for the procedure. The choice of the implants is going to be based on the volume of your breast, your chest as well as skin conditions and a lot of other specifications. The doctor is going to help you out throughout the entire process.

How to choose breast implants

The most commonly preferred volumes range between 250 and 400 cc. During the consultation for breast implants in Prague, you are going to choose the most appropriate implants alongside the surgeon. He is going to provide you with valuable professional advice.


What Types of Breast Implants in Prague are Available?


Breast implants typesNow, there are two different types of implants which are anatomical and round. The different profiles are going to indicate the shape of the particular used implant – you can get an extra high, high, medium or low profile. There are also smooth and textured implants. The size as well as the shape is going to be chosen upon discussion with your professional cosmetic surgeon in order to pick up the one which is best for you.


Polytech Breast Implants

These implants are actually produced by the German company which is known as Polytech Health & Aesthetics. They are in the business of manufacturing breast implants for more than 25 years, and they received the CE certificate back in 1995. The largest range of different profiles, surfaces and shapes are amongst the biggest advantages of the company. It produces certain special ones – the Sublime line which contains cohesive as well as non-liquid silicone gel which is designed to have a memory effect. This means that even after being exposed to mild pressure, it’s going to get returned to the original form. The cohesiveness of the gel is going to guarantee that the implant can’t leak and it’s going to hold the shape that it has throughout all times.

All of the implants are handcrafted in Germany, and they contain silicone gel which is specifically designed not to contain additives like plasticizers in order to be suitable for long-term implantation.

Breast augmentation surgery including Polytech implants costs between 2620 – 2930 ₤. Depending on a size and shape of implants. You can combine breast enlargement with breast lift from 3250 ₤.

Mentor Breast Implants

These are silicone or saline implants manufactured by the American company Mentor. They contain safe Memory Gel which is going to make sure that the implant is naturally soft and appropriate.

It has a unique Siltex surface which enables the surrounding tissue to demonstrate the lowest occurrence of after surgery complications.

The implants manage to fulfil the highest standards for quality as well as for safety as according to the FDA. Mentor implants and the Memory Shape models are in teardrop shape which are particularly designed with a cohesive gel and have specially tapered appearance. They are approved for usage back in 2006 by the FDA and are available in smooth and textured surfaces which are particularly convenient.

Going further, the Saline Breast implants by Mentor are filled with saltwater solution which is particularly similar to the fluid which comprises the majority of our bodies. The implants are inserted in the body with no fluid and are then filled throughout the surgery with a fill-tube to deliver the necessary augmentation.

Breast augmentation including Mentor breast implants costs on our clinic between 2800 – 3230 ₤. Price depends on a size and shape of an implant.

Eurosilicone Breast Implants

These are produced in the country of France for over 25 years which is most certainly considerable. They are designed to reduce the risks of microscopic leak of silicon through the shell in order to maintain the desired shape.

The company is using Cristalline for the surface of the implant which is going to reduce the risk of contracture as it’s particularly cohesive. The company offers a wide range of different implants, which are designed to be used for long-term implantation.

To enlarge breasts on our clinic with Eurosilicone breast implants costs between 2450 – 2760 ₤. Breast augmentation together with breast lifting for 3080 ₤.


Nagor is the only British manufacturer of silicone and saline breast implants and related medical devices. Nagor company has been selling implants since 1979 and each implant comes with a lifetime patient guarantee.

The company distributes products to over sixty countries worldwide. In 2012 the company produced 75 000 implants.

All Nagor implants are made with high-quality silicone layers to improve the impermeability of the packaging, while having a unique 360 ​​degree barrier layer to minimize gel permeability.

The classical breast augmentation including Nagor breast implants costs at our clinic between 2450 – 2760 ₤. Price depends on a size and shape of an implant.


Can I Breastfeed With an Implant?

Yes, breastfeeding is possible as the implants won’t impair your capabilities and you won’t experience any kind of additional difficulties.

Is it Necessary to Change the Implants after 10 years?

Currently, there is no such necessity as the manufacturers stated above guarantee prolonged and even lifelong usage. Of course, certain events could lead to the necessity of change such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How the Breasts Look if I Remove the Implants?

Usually, it’s going to be necessary to perform a breast lift. Of course, this is based on the size of your breasts and the condition of the breast after the removal of the implants.

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