About Us

About Medical Prestige, s.r.o.

We are cosmetic and plastic surgery agency, ready to help you with organizing your medical trip to Prague.  Medical Prestige offers you access to top-quality treatments in the field of stomatology, dermatology, general healthcare and mainly cosmetic and aesthetic surgery abroad in the Czech Republic in Prague. We offer you wide range of cosmetic surgery at affordable prices. Clients of Medical Prestige agency are treated by a team of well-trained and well-experienced surgeons and nurses using state-of-the-art technology.


 We take care of your whole medical trip from the beginning to the end.

  • We arrange the date of your surgery
  • We arrange accommodation for you if required
  • Provide you with transportation to-and-from the airport
  • Free transportation to any necessary check-ups and examinations
  • Accompany you to the clinic for the examination, surgery and check-ups
  • We give you a City guide book
  • We provide you with your personal assistance 24 hours a day during your stay in Prague
    A free nurse visit after a discharge from the clinic to client´s accommodation
  • Secure privacy for those who wish to have cosmetic surgery sečetly

Why having cosmetic surgery with Medical Prestige?

All-embracing services

We can help you go smoothly throughout the whole process before and after the surgery. Especially those who plan to come alone, find it very useful. Our service not only includes necessary transfers to the clinic and airport but also personal attitude toward every client.

High quality of the treatments

All our surgeons are highly educated, qualified, and certified members of Czech Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with over 20 years of working experience not only domestically but most of them obtain also international practice. One of our surgeons even becomes member of GMC after his working in Harley Medical Group, England.

Saving your money

By having a plastic or cosmetic surgery in Prague with Medical Prestige you can save significant amount of money as we offer prices at about 50% – 60% cheaper than in U.K. or Ireland.

Easy access                                                                                                                 

Prague in the Czech Republic is one of the most popular destinations for aesthetic tourism. With our location in the heart of Europe you can quickly reach our destination. Flights to the Czech Republic from the U.K. take about one and half hour.  Flights to the Czech Republic from Ireland take about two hours and are relatively cheap.

100% safety

At our aesthetic clinic, we make strong effort on clean and sterile environment. This is why we achieve 0 MRSA rate.