Inner thigh liposuction

The inner thigh area is most often sought by women who, besides wishing to aesthetically improve the thigh silhouette, complain of discomfort due to friction of the fat deposits in the inner thighs. Men undergo the inner thigh liposuction less often.

Examples of inner thigh liposuction





How is inner thigh liposuction performed?

Liposuction of the inner thigh area where the fat tissue is soft with a minimum amount of fibrous tissue, resembling gel structure, also requires the use of microcannulas, with a diameter of up to 3 mm at the most, to prevent formation of deep skin irregularities. Tumescent liposuction may also be used with advantage enabling to position the client and achieve the best possible result.

Inner thighs liposuction and the area of inner knees liposuction are usually during one session, so that the aesthetic result was as good as possible with maximally smooth and symmetric outcome.

Usually one skin wound is sufficient for the knee area. For the inner thigh area, two to three small wounds are a rule; one is in the groin under the buttocks and the other one in about the middle of the inner thigh to ensure the smoothest possible transition to the knee.

As a rule, a subcutaneous fat layer about 0.5 cm thick is left in place during this procedure to prevent formation of retracted scars and irregularities.

What results can you expect?

Women whose skin of the inner thigh is smooth and elastic may expect excellent results. Older clients ,whose skin is already wrinkled or scarred after previous procedures, must expect, similar to other areas, that the skin of the legs will retain its tiny wrinkles or scars even after the liposuction; however, also here the aesthetic effect will be very good, especially when wearing trousers.

In those cases where wrinkles in the inner thigh area are not acceptable for the patient, a plastic surgery correction (lifting) may be performed; this postoperative procedure, however, is very extensive and, given the large scar in the groin area, postoperative scarring is usually even less cosmetically acceptable for the client.

Treatment after inner thigh liposuction

After inner thigh liposuction it is recommended to wear special 2nd level compression stockings for at least 1 month after the procedure and, after that, 1st level compression stockings are used with advantage.

After knee and inner thigh liposuction it is recommended to elevate (prop up) the legs for at least 24 hours, ideally for 48 hours, at the angle of 25°. Swelling of the ankles may be a complication but it does not happen as a rule. However, bruises form more often and to a greater extent than in other areas. Postoperative pain is minimal in case of ideal compression. Resorption of swelling lasts longer after liposuction of inner thighs than after liposuction of other areas.