M.D. Petros Christodoulou, Plastic Surgeon

Study, place and year of graduation:

  • Specialization in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, FN Olomouc – 2016
  • Surgical practice at hospital in Strakonice – 2013
  • General medicine, at I. Medical faculty of Charles University Prague – 2010


  • Private plastic surgery clinic, Medicom Clinic, November 2017 – now
  • Plastic surgery department at Faculty hospital, Na Bulovce, since January 2018
  • Department of Plastic and aesthetic surgery at Faculty hospital Olomouc, January 2013-december 2017
  • Surgical department at hospital in Strakonice, January 2011-december 2012
  • Private plastic surgery clinic, Medicom VIP, intermittent work in the years 2011 and 2012

Education and Practice in plastic surgery field:

  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery, Faculty hospital Olomouc, from January 2013 till December 2017
  • Main area of interest:
    • Microsurgery: free tissue transfers, perforator flaps, replantation and other microsurgical interventions
    • Surgery of hand: injuries, secondary surgeries, inborn defects
    • Oncosurgery: Reconstruction of large defects after resection of malignant melanomas, sarcomas and other tumors
    • Breast reconstructive surgery: Lipografting, skin-muscles flaps, silicone implants, expanders, skin-saving and subcutaneous mastectomy
    • Reconstruction of complicated defects of face (eyelids, lips, nose) with local flaps transposition
    • Large surgeries of face and neck: Interdisciplinary interventions with collaboration with ORL a jaw surgery
    • Other interdisciplinary interventions with collaboration with traumatology, orthopedics, neurosurgery.

Other practice and internships:

  • Anesthesiology and intensive medicine, hospital in Strakonice, 2 months, 2011
  • Accident surgery, hospital in Litoměřice, 5 months, 2011
  • Internal medicine, hospital Strakonice, 2 months, 2012
  • Burn medicine, FNKV, Prague, 1 month, 2012
  • Jaw surgery, VFN, Prague, 1 month, 2012
  • Pediatric surgery, FTN, Prague, 1 month, 2012
  • Pediatric surgery, traumatology department and plastic surgery department, hospital ČB, 2 months, 2012
  • Hand surgery, FNO, Ostrava, 1 month, 2012
  • Hand surgery, hospital in Vysoké nad Jizerou, 2 month, 2014
  • Plastic surgery, VFN, Prague, 3 months, 2016
  • Plastic surgery, FNuSA, Brno, 3 months, 2016

Courses and lecture activities:

  • Participant of many courses in the field of hand surgery
  • Excellent public speaking ability, regular lecturer at local and national congresses
  • Continuous education, regular attendance of congresses and courses in Czech republic and internationally
  • Holder of wide range of certificates, including fillers application, certificate of aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and others.
  • Participation in student education in the field of plastic surgery Palackeho Univerzity, Olomouc since 2014

Membership in professional societies:

  • The Czech Medical Chamber
  • Czech Society of aesthetic Surgery
  • The Cyprus Medical Chamber
  • The Cyprus Association of plastic surgeons

Other interests:

  • Advanced scuba diving, underwater fishing
  • Creation, co-foundation and administration of websites of the Czech Society of Plastic Surgery
  • cryptocurrency


Mother tongue: Greek

Czech Advanced
Greek Advanced
English Advanced
Slovak Advanced