Breast reduction

The range of unwanted shape deviations of breasts includes their excessive and unnatural size, disproportional to the body proportions developed from the very adolescence or due to breastfeeding, large weight gain, or may be related to an endocrine or metabolic disease. Excessive breast size is not only a cosmetic defect, but usually is also a secondary cause of health and mental problems. For all these reasons, it is good to proceed to breast reduction in time.

Breast reduction and liposuction

Breast reduction is always linked with reshaping of the skin cover and with the resulting breast shape. The principle of the corrective surgery usually consists of size reduction of the mammary gland and, above all, reduction of the mammary fat pad by liposuction. Tissues are shaped as required, breast areola is shifted up and excess skin removed. There is a whole spectrum of breast reduction surgery versions; the choice of the appropriate one always depends on the actual anatomical finding and on the opinion of an experienced surgeon.

Breast reduction and breast uplift

Breast reduction and breast lift is a more demanding and extensive procedure than breast lift or breast enlargement alone, it takes about 2 – 3 hours, depending on how demanding it is, and is performed under general anaesthesia, after a preceding comprehensive preoperative examination.

What is necessary before breast reduction surgery?

At the time of surgery, the patient must be healthy and in good physical and mental shape. For about 4 weeks before the surgery she should not use medicines influencing blood coagulation. Within two weeks before breast reshaping and augmentation she should not suffer from any acute disease, e.g. a cold, viral infection, etc.

After breast reduction

Post-operative hospitalization of about 1 – 2 days is needed. Patient must observe a resting regimen with no physical strain for 2 weeks. Patient may start resuming their normal regimen starting from about the third postoperative week. Stitches are removed in the third week after surgery. Recovery period is longer in this type of surgery than in other breast surgeries.

Breast shape may be regarded as stabilized only starting from approximately the 2nd to 3rd postoperative month after surgical breast reduction, when physical workload may be simultaneously increased up to the before-surgery level.