Breast augmentation in Prague

Breast augmentation

The procedure of breast enlargement replaces the glandular tissue and is replaced with a specialised implant, which is usually made from silicone gel. Breast augmentation has been the solution for women who have small breasts or have lost breast tissue due to pregnancy and weight loss. Having a breast enlargement done can be for aesthetic reasons, and to raise self-confidence.



Why shall you choose breast enlargement abroad and particularly in Prague?

  • you can save up to 60% of UK breast surgery costs
  • we can guarantee quality results (same or even much better than in UK)
  • you will be in the hands of best surgeons in Czech republic
  • we will provide you services of a personal assistant who will guide you in all necessary steps
  • we have English speaking staff focused on your comfort

What is the cost of breast augmentation Prague?

 Cost of surgery with particular types of implants Price in GBP Price in EUR
Breast enlargement with round Eurosilicone implants £ 2450 € 2805
Breast enlargement with round Polytech implants £ 2620 € 3005
Breast enlargement with round Mentor implants £ 2800 € 3205
Breast enlargement with teardrop Eurosilicone implants £ 2760 € 3155
Breast enlargement with teardrop Polytech implants £ 2930 € 3355

What is included in the price?The price is final and does not contain any hidden fees!

  • Personal consultation with surgeon
  • Preoperative examination – blood, ECQ, urine examination
  • Hospitalisation, 1 night
  • Medicaments
  • Surgery: Breast enlargement
  • 2 pcs of implants
  • General anaesthesia
  • Elastic garment – 1pcs
  • After-operation check-ups
  • Free Transport from and to the airport
  • Free Transport for any check-ups
  • Personal assistance

What to Do Before Having a Breast Augmentation in Prague?

big breasts - augmentationAt the first consultation with a new patient, the surgeon will go over what shape and size that can be achieved by having the surgery done. At this time, the surgeon will decide if a breast uplift surgery will be needed. Having a pre-operation breast examination before a breast enlargement is recommended and important for all women. Women who are under the age of 30 are recommended to have breast sonography, whereas women over 30 are recommended to have a mammography done. Sonography and mammography is not included in the price but we can arrange the treatment here in Prague if you wish.

During this time, the patient has to be in good health, mental capacity, and physical shape. Four weeks before surgery, the patient should stop using medicines that affect blood’s coagulation and cannot have suffered from an acute illness, which includes the cold, flu, and infections. There will be some testing done on the day of your operation, which can include blood and urine tests. The cost of the testing and examinations are included in the price of the breast augmentation procedure.

Implants That Are Used for Breast Augmentation in Prague

breast implants with medical prestigeImplants used for breast enlargement in Prague are most commonly made from silicone gel. There are also implants that use saline solution. The shape of the implant is chosen individually, using the anatomical conditions and the expectations of the patients. There are 2 common shapes of implants that are used, with anatomical ones that are more teardrop shaped, and round implants. The volume of the most common breast implants used range from 250 to 400cc. At our clinic, the silicone gel implants that we use come from world-renowned implant producers. We use Polytech, Mentor and Eurosilicone implants at the clinic. So, we can assure our patients that the implants are reliable, have long lasting effects, and lower the risk of negative reactions to the implant.

Methods that Are Used in Breast Enlargement in Prague

The method used for the placement and insertion of the implants will depend on anatomical predispositions, along with the recommendations made by the plastic surgeon. Implants that are made from silicone gel can be placed under the pectoral muscle or on top of the muscle. Most times, the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle, as it creates a better shape for the breasts. Implants that are placed on top of the muscle are used to fill out the breast to achieve the correct volume and shape.

Implants can be inserted though the darker coloured skin that is around the nipple, using the crease that is under the breast or through the armpit. For some patients, the combination of a breast uplifts and breast augmentation brings better results. Especially for patients who have droop breasts.

How Is Breast Augmentation in Prague Performed?

A breast augmentation is done under general anaesthesia and will take about 1 to 2 hours.

The areola method uses a small incision is made near the lowest part of the areola. This only creates a small scar and is very hard to see once it heals. This method allows the surgeon to place the implant under or above the breast muscle.

The under the breast method will use a 4 to 6cm incision. The scar is hidden by the natural fold of the breast. This method is the most commonly used one, as about 80 percent of all worlds’ breast augmentation uses this method.

The third method is concealing the scar in the armpit. The method is much more demanding on the surgeon. However, there is minimum visibility of scarring from the incision. In this method, the implant is placed under the muscle, and the implants are usually smaller.

What Should You Do After Having a Breast Enlargement?

after breast augmentationAfter the breast enlargement, you will need to stay in the hospital for 1 to 2 days. You are given antibiotics after the surgery to avoid having an infection. Most times, surgeons use dissolvable stitches because they absorb themselves as the skin heals, usually within a 4 week period.

You should be resting after having a surgery. Avoid physical strain of the upper limbs, and limit extreme movements after the breast operation for the first two weeks.

After having a surgery, you will need to wear a specialised bra that is provided to you by the clinic for 3 to 6 weeks. The time will depend on the way that you are healing and the size of the implant.

The implants will take up to 2 months to become shape-stabilised. Once the implants are shape-stabilised, you can gradually increase your activity levels to where they were before the procedure.

Can You Go For Sonographic and Mammography Examinations after Having a Breast Augmentation?

Since the implants are placed under or over the breast muscle, the mammary gland is still accessible for examination by all the common testing methods.

Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation in Prague

A breast lift with breast augmentations commonly recommended to those who have sagging or drooping breasts caused by changes to the glandular tissue, long periods of breastfeeding, or hormonal changes. The breast lift can help the breast enlargement to look more natural and to have better results.

Preparing for Your Surgery

When you go in for your surgery, you need to be healthy and have good mental and physical health. You will need to avoid medications for 4 weeks that affect the blood’s coagulation.

How The Breast Lift and Breast Engagement in Prague Performed?

The breast lifts and breast enlargement takes about 2 hours. The time that is needed will depend on how demanding the surgery is. General anaesthesia is used. The breast enlargement is done in the same manner as before, and the breast lift removes the excess skin, repositions remaining tissues and nipples. The little scar in the areolar area extends vertically to the under-breast crease and a tiny scare continues along this crease to the side – a so-called anchor shaped pattern.

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